Zoom H2n : handy recorder

15 July, 2011 10:29 am Audio, Sound Design , , , , , , ,

Zoom H2n announced a few days ago. As I’m an H4n user, what make H2 or H2n interesting to me is its small size, easy to carry around. I chose H4n because of its flexibility of input connections (XLR, TRS, minijack). Now let’s see what’s new in Zoom H2n.

Again, “n” stand for “Next”. It’s the next generation of H2. The obvious difference is the color, H2n is in black, and also the layout of buttons. Now there is a mic-gain dial on left side and mode dial on the top of the unit. The bigger 1.8″ LCD comes the ease of operation.

Zoom claims the H2n is the first portable Mid-Side (MS) recorder. With 5 mic-capsules, I think the uni-directional capsule for MS recording is added the the same 4-capsules of H2, now H2n can record in 4 modes; MS, XY, 2-ch surround and 4-ch surround.

H2n comes with 2GB SD-card out of the box, and is compatible with SDHC memery up to 32GB. This is the issue I encountered on my H4n. Now I use 16GB SD memory with my beloved H4n. The big and obvious difference between using 1GB and 16GB SD is the start-up time. I’ve to wait about a minute for the H4n with 16GB SD to be ready for record after turning it on. That’s too long for a handy recorder to be ready for recording any sound happened by chance.

Zoom H2n : http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=2080