Live broadcasting with Presonus StudioLive

This was a project to live broadcast mini-concert of iHear band from Wawee coffeeshop on internet. The project was led by @Hongsyok and I was assigned to handle audio production; from system design to live mixing.

Since all gears for audio production was not confirmed until the day we did this live broadcasting, I firstly designed the mixing/recording system to be the same as last time we recorded; Macbook Pro and Presonus Firepod. Then I was informed that Mr.Art ( would sponsor Presonus StudioLive to be the main mixer. It was good news and bad news at the same time. We had powerful and versatile mixer as a centerpiece of the system, but I’ve never used it before.

iHear Live Broadcasting from Wawee

iHear Live Broadcasting from Wawee

Fortunately, besides lending us the mixer, Mr.Art came and help us setup the mixer. Without him, I’ve to read a whole user manual. Drums and guitar amp were miked and fed into mixer. Roland RD-700GX RD-700SX was connected directly to the mixer as well.

At the beginning, there’re 2 microphones for vocal and brass/woodwind. These 2 mics were connected to Bose L1, the FOH speaker, then the signal were sent through Bose L1 into mixer. The reason why we wired it this way because @iPattt, the keyboard player, can adjust the level of each mic with Bose L1 controller. Many guest vocals took the stage, so he needed to adjust the level song by song. The 3rd mic was added in the last minute before show. This mic had to be connected direct to the mixer because Bose L1 has only 2 mic-in. This 3rd mic was sent through Aux channel back to Bose L1 together with kick-snare and keyboard(mono).

There was another kindly support from Mr.Tula, a professional sound engineer. He came to help us do a live mixing in the middle of the show when Mr.Art had left. Tula and I discussed about many weak point in this audio production. The big problem was we needed more staffs. One man can’t handle this kind of production. Doing FOH mix, recording and live mixing for broadcast at the same time was not easy.

Tula and me

Tula and me

Presonus StudioLive was the very important part of this show. The main stereo mix was sent to video & broadcasting team. Aux Channel was sent to Bose L1 for FOH. And there was a Macbook Pro connected to StudioLive mixer for recording discrete channels via firewire using Presonus Capture software.

Tula helped us a lot, but he had to leave before the show finished. So, I handled everything by myself in the last 1.5 hours of the show. This was my very good experience as a multi-function operator, but it should be better if I could have someone do me a favor.

Thanks @Hongsyok and @iPattt for letting me handle audio-production for this show. It was interesting experience to lay my hand on Presonus StudioLive mixer and take control :)

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